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#1 customer service on CO2 cryo jet cooling systems for nightclubs

Buy Snow Juice, Snow Concentrate, Snow Fluid, Foam Juice, Foam Fluid, and Foam Concentrate

fake snow fluid, es-100 snow concentrate

(All Fluid Sales Are Final.  No Refunds)


ES-100 Evaporating Snow Fluid

1 Gallon $29
5 Gallon $135
55 Gallon $1375

This proprietary snow fluid produces brilliant white flakes that evaporate in seconds.  (In colder temperatures or on non porous surfaces, snowflakes may take longer to evaporate)  Safe for use in all snow making machines.  Can be used indoors and out.  1 gallon of ES-100 snow fluid produces approximately 1-2 hours of fluffy, brilliant white snow flakes. 

  • Like real snow
  • Odorless
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable

  • Fireproof
  • No Stain or Messy Residue
  • Evaporates in seconds




evaporating snow fluid, qes100 snow
(All Fluid Sales Are Final.  No Refunds)

QES-100 Rapid Evaporating
Snow Fluid
1 Gallon $36
5 Gallon $175
55 Gallons $1870
QES-100 utilizes new fluid technology to produce one of the fastest evaporating snow flakes in the special effects industry.  This proprietary formulation generates brilliant, white, fluffy snowflakes that evaporate almost immediately upon touching a surface, if not before.  Try new QES-100 for your next stage production.  Safe for all snow machines.  Non toxic, non allergenic and safe for indoor or outdoor events.

double stack foam concentrate, foam juice
(All Fluid Sales Are Final.  No Refunds)

Double Stack Foam Concentrate

Mix 1 Gallon of Concentrate For Every 100 Gallons of Water

1 Gallon (Makes 100 Gallons of Foam) $45
5 Gallon (Makes 500 Gallons of Foam) $190 (SAVE $35)
25 Gallons (Makes 2500 Gallons of Foam) $899 (SAVE $226)


Double Stack foam concentrate is twice as strong as other comparable foam fluids.  It stacks higher and produces a dense foam while using half the amount of concentrate.  Great for nightclubs, college parties, backyard parties, day care, birthdays and private events.  This foam provides hours of fun at a fraction of the cost. A mixture of 1 gallon foam fluid to 100 gallons water.

  • Each Gallon Makes 100 Gallons of Foam

  • Non Toxic

  • Non Allergenic

  • Will Not Harm Grass or Plants

  • Stacks Super High And Super Dense


extreme foam machine fluid
(All Fluid Sales Are Final.  No Refunds)

Kiddie Extreme Foam Fluid

Mix 1 Gallon of Concentrate For Every 100 Gallons of Water

1 Gallon $35
5 Gallon $140 (SAVE $35)
55 Gallons $1320 (SAVE $605)
Kiddie Foam is formulated for lower stack and lower density than Double Stack foam fluid.  This fluid is specially formulated for smaller children and parties that don't require high stacking deep foam.  Foam fluid is safe for all types of pre-dilution foam machines. Dilute with clean water. 1 gallon of Value Foam can be diluted with up to 100 gallons of water. Our proprietary foam fluid is non toxic and non allergenic.  Safe for all ages and will not harm grass or plants.  Order yours today and save.


buy haze fluid
(All Fluid Sales Are Final.  No Refunds)

Haze Fluid

Designer Select


1 Gallon


4 Gallon


5 Gallon


55 Gallon


This haze fluid was specifically designed for Atlanta Special FX by some of the most talented fog and haze manufactures in the world.  The Designer Select Haze is safe for use in almost every haze machine on the market.  With bars and nightclubs in mind, Designer Select produces the perfect balance of light haze for your light show.  This water based haze is designed to hang in the air and accentuate beams of light without creating a messy oily residue.  Save money and order today.

  • Produces light haze that hangs in the air
  • Water base leaves NO oily residue
  • Accentuates any light show.



Atlanta Special FX manufactures a theatrical line of special effects fluids.