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#1 customer service on CO2 cryo jet cooling systems for nightclubs

We Make It Snow Anytime, Anywhere, Any Temperature

Snow machine rentals are available for production shoots or private parties & promotions


Magical Snow

Non-Evaporating Snow

Ground Cover

1 Gallon $100 approx 6ft x 7 ft
5 Gallon $375 approx 217 sqft

The most realistic artificial snow on the market is now available! “Magical Snow” is cold to the touch and gives the visual effect of snow cover on the ground. Just add water and get ready for snow.  Once mixed with water it lasts for days, depending on the environment.  It does require some cleanup.  WARNING Magical Snow looks real and acts real, very slippery to walk on just like the real thing.  Caution should be used.

  • biodegradable

  • non-toxic

  • environmentally friendly

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ground pellets

frontgate magazine photo shoot

Ground Pellets
17"x17"x37" Box $51 
Snow Pellets have been the standard for movies, TV commercials, stage productions and print ads for years.  Snow pellets look and act like real snow and can be walked on or piled into drifts.  Yes, you can even make snow angels. This product is perfect for special events and movie sets for ground cover.  The product is made out of "Expanded Polystyrene" know as EPS in the industry.  Very easy to clean up and it is safe to discard in dumpsters and can be reused since its dry.  Each box is 17 inches by 17 inches and 37 inch high.  This covers 6 square feet at 4 inches high or a 5 X 5 area at 2 inches high.  

snow blanket


ABC Extreme Makeover Photos

Fake Snow Blankets

1 Roll $179 
Fake Snow Blankets are great for creating the perfect snow scene. This product allows you to make a scene that takes on new form when you create snow-covered hills, rooftops, and valleys that look like you just walked into a snow wonderland. Each Blanket is 4 feet by 105 feet, giving you a total of 420 square foot.


theater snow

Theater Snow

1 Box $125 
Our plastic shredded Theatrical snow is ideal for a snow curtain drop or ground cover. It floats like a dream. Great for video and displays. Comes in boxes.


fake icicles

Fake Icicles 11x12 Sold Out

1 Segment $29.99
3 Day rental $10
Designed for major motion pictures sets, Atlanta Special FX has mastered the look of the most realistic artificial icicles in the world. Last year, this product took home the blue ribbon prize at the most film festival convention. The Fake Icicles install in seconds. These icicles are designed to be hung on any flat surface. The icicles can be cut and assorted into long lengths.
  • Six icicles per segment
  • Dimensions: 11 in wide X 12 in long
  • Material: Crystal Clear Acrylic
  • Removable/ Self adhesive
  • Can be permanently or temporarily installed
  • Indoor or outdoor use


fake icicles long

Fake Icicles (Singles) Sold Out

14 in $19.99
18 in $19.99
24 in $19.99
Designed for use along with the other icicles 11 X 12 segment.  The fake single icicles are self adhesive and available in 14, 18, or 24 inches long and are made of Crystal Clear Acrylic. They install in seconds and are reusable. They can be permanently or temporarily installed.




Providing fake snow ground cover for reality tv, movies, commercials, and photo shoots.  The most realistic snow ground cover in the USA