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"Dry Wave Scent Delivery Systems"

Scent machine rentals are available for weddings, private parties & promotions



dry wave scent machine


Dry Wave Scent Machine

Rent custom scent party equipment today in Atlanta Georgia



This scent machine is designed specifically to help add a special touch of fragrance to your indoor event or venue. This dry wave scent machine will disperse your choice of fragrance throughout your event to set the mood of your choice.  Dry Wave technology we will also keep your event eco friendly and free of oil deposits or dampness from spritzers.
Replacement Scent Cartridge (300 Hours)



Scent Stream Fragrance Delivery System
Enhance your haunted house today by renting a  machine in Georgia
The Scent Stream is a fragrance delivery system for large, open areas of your business. Following the airflow of your HVAC system, the fragrance can adequately cover over large amounts of square feet. With cutting edge interactive technology , the Scent Stream is a custom solution for your wide area fragrance disbursement


Scent Pop Scent Machine
Made by Scent Air

Rent your scent machine today in Atlanta Georgia





The ScentPOP scent delivery system is ideal for Point-of-Purchase sampling and promotions. It can be easily incorporated into existing displays, fixtures, vending machines and kiosks. The battery powered under-shelf mounted system uses magnets to easily attach to any standard retail shelf. Each system can be loaded with a number of fragrance cartridges that are easy to replace. Change scents to coordinate with new themes or seasons all in a clean and controlled way




Providing dry wave scent machines for weddings, corporate events and more.